You will get support in addressing your offending behaviour.  You may have a chance to repair some of the harm your offending caused and give an explanation about what happened.

For people who have offended, those who take part in RJ are 23% less likely to re-offend.  85% of victims who take part are satisfied with the process.


It is a voluntary process for you and the victim.  You and they may wish to meet face to face, or communicate in some other way (via carefully managed letter exchange or information being passed between you by the trained facilitator), in which case we will work with you both individually to prepare and plan.  This will take as long as it needs to and is confidential – the facilitators are impartial so they will not judge you or take sides.  You will be asked to talk about the offence, discuss how others and you have been affected and accept some responsibility for causing harm.  You might also be asked to consider whether there are any ways in which you can repair the harm caused.

RJ can help relieve destructive feelings of shame and help people consider how they may want to choose to change their behaviour.

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