Working with Harmful Sexual Behaviour

At Restorative Gloucestershire we recognise survivors of sexual violence and abuse are able to make their own decisions regarding participation in a restorative process, just like people who have been harmed by other crimes. Treated as unique individuals with the agency to make their own decisions about their recovery, to learn about restorative approaches and decide whether it is beneficial for them.


We accept all referrals including post sentence referrals to Restorative Gloucestershire which does not mean a restorative intervention will always be undertaken.

Referrals can be victim (harmed) or offender (harmer) led and may be via professional agencies such as Gloucestershire Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre GRASAC, probation eg victim liaison officer VLO, prison offender manager POM or community offender manager COM.

Any restorative work will be governed by the individual needs of the victim (harmed) and robust practitioner guided suitability and risk assessments, looking at such things as: level of victim empathy, realistic expectations, nature and recognition of coercive control, therapeutic work undertaken or still needed, motivation for behaviour change, levels of resilience and protective factors (not an exhaustive list). Our work also involves understanding the needs of persons responsible for offending as it is an important part of everyone moving forward.

Any restorative communication between the parties will be facilitated by fully trained practitioners, and may take the form of a carefully managed letter exchange, or carefully managed passing of information / questions, or a carefully managed and well prepared in-person meeting.


Where referrals may be deemed unsuitable for facilitated communication between the parties, there can still be significant benefit in people being part of the decision-making themselves, as well as benefit from a restorative conversation with practitioners.

Please note - Non-criminal justice sexual violence and abuse referrals can also be submitted to the Restorative Gloucestershire team, including for non-recent sexual violence and abuse.