COVID-19 and Restorative Gloucestershire Service Update

Dear all,

I hope you are all doing well during these unprecedented times. The Restorative Gloucestershire team have been following Government guidelines following the Covid-19 pandemic and have been working remotely for the last 2 weeks, working hard to ensure that all of our service users have been kept informed. In line with all the relevant guidelines, all face to face work with our service users has stopped. However, we continue to work with, support and manage the expectations of all of our participants remotely. We can continue to accept new referrals on the conditions that all parties are aware of our current position.

This will obviously have an impact on our service delivery and we will see a decrease in referrals and interventions. However, I also see this as an opportunity to diversify how we work. As mentioned, we will continue to support individuals, our volunteers and our community by taking advantage of the technology that is available to us. I plan on sending bulletins to keep engaging with our practitioners, if this something that you would be interested in receiving, please do let us know. I will continue to be available as normal so please feel free to contact me.

Take care and kind Regards,


Rebecca Beard

Manager – Restorative Gloucestershire