ASB Case Review – FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Community Safety Partnership (CSP) take action against my landlord if they fail to act?
The purpose of the ASB Case Review is to require the CSP, made up of the Council, Gloucestershire Police, Fire and Rescue Service, Co-opted Registered Social Landlords, Probation and Health to review whether there has been a perceived failure to act in relation to complaints of anti social behaviour. Information from the relevant agencies involved will be gathered in order to review what action has been taken, whether or not the action taken was appropriate in the circumstances and to consider whether any additional action is recommended which may also include recommendations for action by your landlord. Consideration will also be given to a holistic response, if deemed appropriate, which means the CSP partly or wholly working collaboratively to put a stop to the anti social behaviour.
Will the Community Safety Partnership take action instead of my landlord if they have failed to act?
The ASB Case Review enables members of the public the opportunity to challenge the CSPs failures to act. The CSP will work with your landlord to offer support, advice and guidance in order to achieve a positive outcome for yourself and the cessation of the anti social behaviour as soon as possible. The CSP do not have the authority to take action instead of your landlord but will utilise any informal and formal tools and powers available to them individually and collectively as deemed appropriate.
Can I be awarded compensation if you agree the CSP has failed to act?
The case review does not replace individual organisations complaints procedures or your opportunity to complain to the Ombudsman or Independent Police Complaints Commission, therefore the CSP has no authority to award compensation.
Why do I have to instigate the case review?
You are required to instigate the case review because the CSP need you to identify yourself as fulfilling the criteria of hitting the case review and also for you to say that the CSP has failed to respond to your complaints of anti social behaviour.
What’s the difference between enacting an organisations complaints process and the ASB Case Review?

Enacting organisations complaints processes enables the organisation concerned the opportunity to investigate a complaint about the service you have been provided by an individual officer or service and for that individual service to address any issues or concerns you have raised which could also impact on improvements in service standards.

The purpose of the ASB Case Review is to ensure a coordinated response from the CSP in relation to how they have worked together to resolve your complaint of anti-social behaviour.

How quickly will you respond if I complete the ASB Case Review form or leave a message on the answer machine?

You will receive an acknowledgement letter and a call from Restorative Gloucestershire within 5 working days.

An organisation has acted in relation to my complaint but I believe their action was the wrong action or they haven’t done enough. Do I still meet the criteria for the case review?

If you fulfil the case review criteria the group will review the action taken and consider whether or not the action taken was the appropriate action in the circumstances and whether more can be done collaboratively as a partnership to stop the anti-social behaviour, if you are still experiencing problems.

Do 5 separate individuals in the community have to complete individual ASB Case Review forms or can I complete this form on all of these people’s behalf?

You will need to demonstrate you meet the criteria therefore the details of the 5 separate individuals in the community will need to be provided.

Can I enact the ASB Case Review if I want to remain anonymous?

In order to review your complaint the group will need your name and address and very specific information in order to demonstrate you have fulfilled the criteria.
This information will be treated in the strictest of confidence and not divulged to any agency beyond the CSP and your landlord without your consent.

Statistics of ABS Case Reviews

  • Total number of Community Trigger applications: 12
  • Number of Community Trigger applications declined: 9
  • Number of ASB case reviews carried out: 3
  • Number of ASB case reviews that resulted in recommendations: 3

Figures from March 2020 to April 2021