ASB Case Review – FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Community Safety Partnership (CSP) take action against my landlord if they fail to act?
Will the Community Safety Partnership take action instead of my landlord if they have failed to act?
Can I be awarded compensation if you agree the CSP has failed to act?
Why do I have to instigate the case review?
What’s the difference between enacting an organisations complaints process and the ASB Case Review?
How quickly will you respond if I complete the ASB Case Review form or leave a message on the answer machine?
An organisation has acted in relation to my complaint but I believe their action was the wrong action or they haven’t done enough. Do I still meet the criteria for the case review?
Do 5 separate individuals in the community have to complete individual ASB Case Review forms or can I complete this form on all of these people’s behalf?
Can I enact the ASB Case Review if I want to remain anonymous?